Local No. 92 was chartered on February 23, 1906.  J. R. Fox was President with R. S. Skidmore as Financial Secretary.  Our first picture to appear in the Iron Worker Magazine (The Bridgemen back then) came off a job for the Birmingham Railway installing a coal conveyor.  Some members of the crew were:  Farmer Jones, Flatwheel McManus, R. S. Skidmore and Wait a Minute Kelly.  In 1907 we did our first bridge job.  It was 1,200 feet long and 187 feet off the surface and was built at Bear Creek, Alabama.  $0.50 per hour was the scale at that time.

Our first delegate to the Convention was John DeGallford.  The first high rise Local No. 92 built in Birmingham was the 16 story Empire Building.  The building topped out at 192’ tall 50’ wide and 100’ long.  The job took just 23 days.

We nearly lost our charter in 1910 – 1912 as the membership fell from 62 down to 8.  You must have 7 to keep your Charter.  Our first $1,000,000.00 (1 million dollar) job came in 1912 as Local No. 92 helped to build the 12 story Roden Hotel and also a structure that still stands today and is a landmark for our City, the 12 story Tutwiler Hotel.  Scale (wages) at that time were $0.564 per hour.

We have come a long way from those days, but some things never change.  The pride that those men put into this trade carries on today, the commitment to finish a project on time and in budget is still here.  Our dedication to training and safety is stronger than ever.  Local No. 92 wants to help our Contractors and our City to grow.