About us

Local No. 92 was chartered in 1906 and started the Empire Building in early 1907.  We began as a structural local erecting other landmarks in Birmingham such as The Tutwiler Hotel, Sloss Furnace and the Alabama Theater.  As Birmingham continued to grow so did Local 92.  Working together with local general contractors and sub-contractors, Local 92 helped build the skyline that is Birmingham. 

As the industrial revolution came South, many industries began to locate in the Birmingham area.  Local 92 and our Contractors played a major role in building these factories and plants that employ many local residents.  Once in operation, these plants required maintenance and Local 92 supplies the skilled manpower to keep these plants in operation.  

Local 92 not only serves Birmingham, but covers 32 counties in Central Alabama including 2 counties in Mississippi (Lowndes, Noxumbee) across the state to the Georgia line.